Trailer Alignments & Trailer Rebrushing

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How can a trailer alignment help you?

Trailer Alignments: A trailer alignment is crucial to keeping your fuel and tyre bills low as well as protecting the life of your tyres. When a correctly aligned trailer is behind your prime mover, you will experience greater handling ability and lower fuel costs as there will be little to no rolling resistance coming from behind.

A trailer alignment is based on the track or parallelism of your axle sets in reference to your tow point. A trailer with a poor alignment will not only scrub out trailer tyres but cause many issues on your truck too.

Trailer Rebushing: As most trailers run rubber and steel bushes where they attach at the chassis, they are prone to wear due to suspension travel and weight, we at AxleFix have all the tools required (specific bushing tools) for replacement of all trailer bush types.

Bushes are an integral component of your trailer suspension and worn bushes will cause misalignment of axle sets. The second those bushes are worn the axle will no longer be tracking straight meaning the trailer will hang out to one side. Prolonged use of a trailer with worn bushes can lead to catastrophic failure as the trailer could wear through the trailing arms or track rods.