Suspension Repairs

Axlefix can help you understand how important your suspension is.

Suspension is very important in the drivability of your vehicle. Without your front end set up correctly for Australian roads it can cause issues down the line. Your suspension acts as component failure protection and driver protection allowing for a smoother ride and a more direct driving vehicle. Firm and well working suspension assists in tyre wear and overall drivability. Worn suspension parts essentially mean that the axle of the truck is not held in a firm position meaning the axle floats around causing uneven tyre wear and an unsafe driving truck.

The suspension of your vehicle is what is holding the weight of the truck up and allowing it to smoothly track over inconsistencies in the road, allowing the driver of the vehicle to not feel the full force of potholes or other rough surface scenarios a daily driver will face.

If your suspension has “let go” or flattened this means that the suspension has essentially stopped working. It is no longer holding up the weight of the truck and is now only working to the point at which the chassis rail and top hat of the suspension hit together meaning the chassis is now taking full force of bumps and inconsistencies in the road, these hits will be running all the way up to the driver seat.

At AxleFix, we have a range of different suspension services we offer including: Spring replacement and upgrades (Front & Rear)