Suspension Health & Safety Check

Axlefix can help you understand how important your suspension is.

Does your truck actually need a truck wheel alignment or is there more going on behind the scenes.
At AxleFix we will not undertake a truck wheel alignment without doing a component safety check, this allows us to understand if there are any components on the truck that are worn that the customer may not know about and will affect the drivability and safety of the vehicle on the road.

If there is significant wear on the suspension componentry, getting accurate readings off the truck can be difficult and here at AxleFix we take pride in making sure your truck drives straight and is 100% correct so if there is something significantly worn underneath the vehicle we would ask that you return to your preferred service centre, have the components fixed and return to have the truck wheel alignment correctly completed or alternatively, most suspension repairs can be done in house and we can get you back on the road in a timely manner.