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AxleFix is an accredited specialist in heavy axle correction and wheel alignment for all makes and models of trucks and buses.

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We pride ourselves on accuracy, honesty and integrity. Australian roads have a much greater camber and because of this, we need to set the camber and caster to suit our conditions.

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Our Services

Truck Wheel Alignments & Axle Correction

Proper truck wheel alignment is crucial to the safe operation of your truck.

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Suspension Repairs

Increasing the amount of positive caster will increase steering effort and straight line tracking, as well as improve high speed stability and cornering effectiveness.

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Trailer alignments & trailer rebushing

With the correct wheel alignment, the vehicles tyre life will extend considerably thus saving on tyres.

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American King Pin Replacement

Repairing your king-pins is a must, doing this will save on tyre wear and damage to your stub axle.

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Our Products

Rear Suspension Saddle

$ 400.00 

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What people are saying.

“Great service. Straight talkers. Highly recommended. They will take on anything.”
“Top company, great people and really helpful. My T900 Kenworth was riding rough and hard to hang onto in the corners and AxleFix made it ride like new. From a random phone call on a Monday morning to coming in the next Friday and my problems where sorted. I will be back next time I am in Vic.”
“This is THE place to get your truck or bus front end/wheel alignment fix.  Genuine straight to the point old fashioned service and trust with Jeff and the guys.”