American King Pin Replacement

At AxleFix we fit and supply king pin kits to most make and models of trucks.

What can we do for your truck?

At AxleFix, we focus on replacing Meritor and Spicer axle king pins.

A common misconception that your vehicle is out of alignment when in fact the King Pins are worn and require replacement can be the source of your truck's driving and tyre wear issues.

At AxleFix, we take pride in making sure that the pins are cut correctly and only use all new genuine  components when completing the job. We ONLY use the best quality components because having the truck off the road for any longer than necessary is not an option. We have found non genuine components to fail or significantly affect the drivability of the truck after new pins have been installed.

When the King pins are replaced it will firm up how the truck sits on the road changing the degree at which the camber is set, to combat tyre wear caused by the change in camber a full truck wheel alignment is recommended.